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All of these shirts are available with the Monro, Speedy, Monro 500, Mr. Tire or Tread Quarters  logo or other logo of your choice embroidered on them.  To place an order, call toll-free 888-314-1995.
M5 Lee Denim Shirt
(S-XXXL) cotton, long

$38 or 760 points
Also available in ladies
M10 Twill Shirt
Tan or Navy (S-XXL)
100% premium cotton,
fine twill, long sleeve

$36 or 720 points
M11 Golf Collection
Denim, Putty or Heather
Grey (S-XXXXL) 100%
combed cotton, golf cut,
3 wood-tone buttons,
side vents, extended tail
$29 or 580 points
Also available in Ladies
M12 Checkered Flag
Racing Shirt
- Black
(S-XXXL) 100% cotton,
toned buttons
$39 or 780 points
M16 Augusta Golf
- Navy/White
(M-XXXL) 100%
combed cotton pique

$37 or 740 points
Also available ladies
R3 Mock Turtle Neck
Charcoal (M-XXXL)
100% cotton, long

$32 or 640 points
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